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  1. The book I read was Give peas a Chance. The autor is Morris Gleitzman. He was born on January 9, 1953. He was born inn Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England but his nationality is Australian. This book is fiction but it could really happen in real life.

    This book has a lot of different types is stories but I wil tell you about my favorite story Give Peas a Chance. So there was a boy and he said he wouldn’t eat his veggies except if all the guns were gone in this world. He said this to his class mates a

  2. Wonderful! Fresh, funny and varied, I was looking for a selection of short stories for a junior book club at the library – definitely found it in Gleitzman’s collection.

    These 15 tales vary from quite sweet and moving to rude and hilarious. My group will love the story set in a nose, the story based entirely on text messages from a dad, a boy stopping war and violence by refusing to eat his vegetables.

    At under 200 pages, it is within reach of able readers from age 8 onwards, each story only 8-12

  3. ISBN: 978-0-141-32411-1
    Publishers: Puffin Books, 2007.

    Morris Gleitzman writes politically controversial books talking about tough topics about life such as overcoming obstacles, being kind and honest and considering morals. In this collection of stories he takes serious issues that affect us and finds the funny element in all of them.
    Characters: There are a variety of children and celebrities and families in this collection of stories.
    Plot: Morris Gleitzman writes about Jake and his encounters w

  4. 1) this book is 3 (actually more) short story’s by the same author
    2) i decided to read this because i saw it on my book shelf and thought it looked good.
    3) i liked this book because it was just like normal life except with a twist (you may notice i say this in all my reviews that is because i like it like this way)
    4) i didn’t like that all the story’s had different characters because i would just get used to them when the story finished
    5) I would recommend this to all young readers

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