5 thoughts on “Gee (The Administration, #3.7)

  1. 3.5 stars

    Holy crap! That explains a lot or at least a part of Toreth’s behavior and his commitment to kink. Gee is a fuckin’ (view spoiler)[pedophile. (hide spoiler)]

  2. Manna Francis got under my skin again. This story reveals a disturbing and sad piece of Toreth’s childhood. A piece of the puzzle that might help readers understand the man Toreth has become.

    Out to lunch with Sara, Toreth comes face to face with a man from his past—Gee Evans.

    ”The man nodded at Sara, only briefly, before his eyes went back to Toreth. His gaze was intense now almost hungry, as though he could pull something out of Toreth just by looking at him.”

    The frightening jolt, power, and st

  3. One of the best stories in this series – and fuck me if that’s not weird.

    It’s sick, scary and deeply wrong, because of what happened and because of Toreth’s reaction to it, and it explains, at least in part, why Toreth is so fucked in the head (I say this affectionately, but we have to be honest here).
    It makes me want to break something, and cry, and scream, but most of all hold Toreth for hours and tell him it’s alright – and that’s crazy, isn’t it, because he doesn’t even care. On the outside.

  4. Gee-sus! All my questions about Toreth answered in 9 pages.

    That was totally unexpected and terribly disturbing – I’m ill and heartbroken, and I just want to weep for Toreth the boy.

    The chance meeting of Gee a creepy old crack-pot reveals some of Toreth’s past and probably possibly the source of his psychosis.

    And so, armed with new knowledge…I pick myself up and wipe the tears, and move onward. Let the mind fucking continue…

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