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  1. Can you like a book when you kind of hate the main character? Especially when that character is the first-person narrator? The answer, for me, for this book anyway, is apparently “not all that much.”

    Gateway is one of those sci-fi classics that I am supposed to have absorbed if I want to consider myself well read in the genre. It’s one of the rare Hugo/Nebula double winners (not to mention the Locus and Campbell awards, which pretty much covers all of them)! It is by one of the stalwarts of geek

  2. Before I began writing the review I searched for images of Gateway. This was the first one in the results:

    I really have no clue about the relevance. When I think about a gateway I think about something like this:

    or something like the following which resonates better with any serious reader:

    If you have even passing interest in science fiction you have most definitely heard about this novel. This one is a classic of genre with a lot of awards to prove it. Imagine somebody found a habitable astero

  3. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I have a theory, based on nothing more than a dirty mind and my own propensity for making silly bets, that Pohl wrote Gateway to win a bet he’d made while drunk. He and his friends have been talking about sex scenes in SF novels (a notoriously sensitive topic), and Pohl is criticizing them on the grounds that they aren’t necessary to the plot.

    “Oh yeah?” asks someone. “And just how would a sex scene be necessary to the plot?”

    “Well,” says Pohl. “There could be any number of reasons!”

    “Sure!” says t

  4. I remember reading this when I was 15 or so, I did not like it. I have no recollection of why I did not like it. Now it is years later and I am at the age of (view spoiler)[none of your bidness ;P (hide spoiler)]

  5. “Gateway” by Frederik Pohl has long been considered a classic of Science Fiction and deservedly so. It’s earned its status honestly and is one of the best books I have ever read.

    What separates this from the myriad other science fiction and fantasy offerings out there?

    It’s the characters.

    The Plot

    Gateway is an asteroid in our Solar System that was hollowed out and made into a base of operations by the mysterious ancient alien race known as the “Heechee”. They abandoned it long before mankind sto

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