5 thoughts on “Game Drive (The Sidney Marsh Murder Mystery Series, #2)

  1. I adored the first book in the series, Shore Excursion, so I was delighted to read the next book in the series, Game Drive. No cruise ship this time for Sydney, but instead its to Cape Town, South Africa to a private game lodge. There, Sydney and Jay are to check out the place for a potential safari package. But nothing is ever easy with Sydney.

    Not only do they have to check every shadow and corner for predatory animals, but when someone is found dead, Sydney puts her amateur sleuthing abilities

  2. Sidney and Jay are back with their tour group this time heading to Africia to test out Cape Town and Kruger National Park to see if it something that will sell with high rollers. Early on Dennis goes missing and no one seems to know what happened to him, then George shoots Mabel while attempting to subdue an elephant.

    There is so much going on it’s hard to tell if Jay and Sydney are ever going to figure it out. Lots of ups and downs. There is the owner of Leopard Dance who has shown up in Cape

  3. I loved that this was set in such Africa, with the rich scenery being so well described. Marie Moore did a fantastic job of making me feel I was whisked away on this tour that they were getting familiar with. There were a lot of characters in this book, and at times I would get a little confused.

    The main characters we a bit quirky, making the novel more interesting. A couple of them I didn’t really care for as I don’t think it necessary to mention peoples sexual orientation in novels as much a

  4. I enjoyed this second book in the Sidney Marsh mystery series. The author- a former travel agent- selected a gorgeous setting- Africa and painted a vivid picture of life on a safari. Loved the location. Plot was interesting and the characters worth knowing. An easy read- perfect ” Plane book!”

  5. Really a 3.5 star.

    Sidney Marsh, MS girl living in the Big Apple. Travel agent. Her and her work partner Jay are being sent to Africa before they start taking groups- and after a previous debacle on a cruise ship, they’ve been warned that the Africa trip must be flawless.

    Except it’s not. Sidney suspects an imposter on the trip, and then a body is found. Was it accident? Or something more sinister? As the days of the safari roll on, Sidney begins to suspect something fishy on the trip, catches the

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