5 thoughts on “Gad’s Hall / The Haunting of Gad’s Hall (Gad’s Hall, #1-2)

  1. Subtitled “Two Novels of the Supernatural” — Well, for one thing, it’s not all that supernatural — just some little minor demonic possession. The books are really about the generations of the family who lives at Gad’s Hall, and that sort of thing is enjoyable to me. Taken as a whole, the two books form a fairly seamless story that takes place in the present (1977) and the past (1840s-1870s or so). One reason I liked it is that Lofts gives her “from the past” characters every bit as much life

  2. This book has led me to reflect on the lasting imprints of emotions and behaviors one’s presence may leave in the aura or ether or unseen vibrations of one’s home. Perhaps that’s just a fanciful notion, but one that Lofts expertly explores in this two-volume story of the remarkable women of two generations who lived in Gad’s Hall during the Victorian era and the effects of their imprints on a contemporary family who move in. Strong, rule-breaking women whose actions against their era’s restricti

  3. A fascinating set of novels. A look into the lives and thoughts of people in the early 1900’s in country of England. Quite a few quaint, old fashioned words. It is stories of survival of women in a man’s world. The women and young, old and in-between. All of the characters are believable and become your friends and acquaintances. The strong effects of proprietary and maintaining one’s place in the world is well presented. Shame, guilt, fear, and evil all are present. Secrets are kept. Strong fam

  4. Very enjoyable and satisfying conclusion to the story of the Thorley family, bringing us back to the 20th Century and the Spender family, with resolution of the haunting. What a wonderful storyteller!

  5. This one took me a little time to get through but it was definitely worth it! The story begins with one family then dissolves into the history and past of the home they bought. I honestly completely forgot about the ‘present’ situation because I was so wrapped up in the back story. It was a good book and quite enjoyable.

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