3 thoughts on “From Toronto to Emmaus the Empty Tomb and the Journey from Skepticism to Faith

  1. This is James R. White’s analysis of “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”, a documentary by James Cameron, based on the book “The Jesus Family Tomb” by Simcha Jacobovici and Charles Pellegrino. Jacobovici, Cameron, and the others claim that the Talpiot tomb, discovered in 1980 in the Jerusalem suburb of the same name, is the tomb of Jesus and his family, including his wife Mary Magdalene and their son Judah. The problem is they have chosen to circumvent the normal process of scholary inquiry which would inc

  2. An excellent scholarly work debunking some of the modern wannabe scholarship. I thoroughly enjoyed this work from one of my favorite apologists. I also liked how he ended with the gospel message of true Christianity.

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