2 thoughts on “From the Ashes (The Pendragon Trilogy #1)

  1. The first time I read this book, it sparked a burning desire to run away and become a rennie. Now that I actually have a little experience working at faire, reading this book makes me long for the next time I can don my garb and flounce through the lanes.

    This book–this series–is one of my favorites, and it weaves magick every time I crack it open. Meghan Brunner’s Faire Folk books are exactly what I want to see more of, and the only bad thing about them is that more people haven’t read them.

  2. This book was entertaining but a bit too long. I would have liked it more with about half the details; most of the actual Faire stuff was unnecessary.

    That being said, it was a fun read and nice for a change.

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