5 thoughts on “Freedom from Tyranny of the Urgent

  1. I had read the pamphlet “Tyranny of the Urgent” many years ago and found it very profound and thought-provoking. My small group at church decided to pick up this expounded version and it ended up being very timely (no pun intended) for a number of things happening within our church and in many of our own lives.

    I was back and forth on this one, as certain parts go into the very practical but happened to fall during the weeks when I’d finally had a little time to just veg out, as I hadn’t had in m

  2. Most people when asked about their time would admit that they are way too busy. Busyness permeates our society and rules our week. I’m a working mommy of six kids and pastor’s wife. All of my “free” time belongs to somebody else. I was blog hopping a few weeks ago and found a recommend for this book and it really jumped out at me that it was divinely timed for me to read it now when within the first chapter the author wrote about kairos time. My husband had just begun a series of sermons on the

  3. Freedom from Tyranny of the Urgent is an excellent read in an age of endless activity. Charles Hummel opens up the Scriptures by demonstrating from the life of Christ, how it is the Christian should examine the events of life one encounters with a discerning eye to the Lord’s will according to the precepts and principles found in His Word.

    Christ, being without sin as the Man on a mission; as a Conqueror on a conquest to do only what His Father sent Him to do, sets the perfect example of taking o

  4. Too busy to read a good book? Try this one–Charles Hummel’s classic booklet Tyranny of the Urgent has sold over one million copies. Now for the first time he expands on the life-changing perspective that has freed many from the grip of urgent demands that are ultimately unimportant. Read it and pass it on…

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