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  1. “Llevando ya varios libros del autor puedo afirmar que esta novela se aleja mucho de lo que nos tiene acostumbrados. Lo que llevaría a muchos a tomar distancia. Y sí, puedo secundar esa acción. No es un libro complicado pero tampoco es tan sencillo como las decenas que le preceden. No es difícil de leer pero sí de ver en un contexto general y poder definir el camino a seguir. Los personajes son geniales y te encariñas fácilmente, pero de la misma manera te pierdes y cuesta engancharlos unos a ot

  2. In spite of the deceptive complexity, the plot of Paco Ignacio Taibo II’s Four Hands is actually very simple. It is the colorful yet believable characters and the playful and witty telling that makes the novel very engaging.

    The story is simply about how the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) tried to frame a Sandinista Minister who had a significant role in the struggle against dictator Somoza, spread disinformation, and demoralize the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. This occurs in the backgr

  3. I was given this novel by a fan of Taibo’s oeuvre, and I wanted to thank his generosity by doing the novel justice, reading carefully and attentively. Unfortunately, I was in the midst of personal chaos (making a permanent move from one continent to another), and I jerkily proceeded in fits and starts through the novel over the course of four days, never being able to read for longer than 30 minutes. This created something of mental strobe effect, a disjointed perception of what appears to be ha

  4. this book is HELLA fun. bungling CIA agents are the bad guys (like in real life, right?). a pair of Mexican and American Jewish journalists, and a pair of old comrades- a Spanish anarchist and Ukranian (? i might be remembering wrong) communist- are the good guys.

    throw in some references to Laurel and Hardy, a PhD student with outlandish dissertation topics, and a pirate story within the story, and you have a great book.

  5. Excellent read. As you are reading this, you find yourself wondering how on earth it all ties. together. This is well done, and ties together quite well, although I must admit I am tempted to put this on re-read list to see I I figured it out correctely.

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