3 thoughts on “Found (The Alaskans, #3)

  1. Book # 3 Hades, Alaska

    4 Stars! ~ Luc did something totally out of character; he told a lie. Not just any lie; a lie to save face. His best friend ran off and married his fiancée, and when Luc runs into Jacob and has a few drinks with him, his tongue gets loose and he blurts out that he too is married to a wonderful woman. Now Jacob and his wife (Luc’s former fiancée) want to come home to Hades to sell the family property and to meet Luc’s lady love. Not sure how he’s going to handle this situati

  2. I think this was Ferrarella in her early days. Great story outline not so great execution but an enjoyable read. Boy has amnesia, girl saves boy, boy saves girl…and so on. The entire story was a bit pact and unbelievable…little tension save for childhood memories (no spoiler) which was not adequately addressed, I suppose to protect the sensibilities of target audience or publishing house. Glad she persevered because Ferrarella’s writing are now tops with equally exciting storylines. A nice r

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