5 thoughts on “Forbidden Lessons in a Kabul Guesthouse

  1. My favourite quote in the book & also one of my constant self reminder “while we may think we are the masters of our universe, there will always come a time when our lives will fall apart & we need to be lifted up again. All things happen for a reason, even the harshest & most traumatic events in our lives. Even our loved one’s dying.”

  2. A fascinating memoir of a woman facing multiple obstacles and life threatening dangers in her humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan. Suraya Sadeed, an Afghan-American, has dedicated her life (starting in 1994) to improving the lives of Afghan women and children through her organization “Help The Afghan Children”. A remarkable story of dealing with the Mujahideen and the Taliban as she brought money, blankets and medicine to the survivors of the wars and earthquakes. She has built clinics and start

  3. This book has given me a new understanding to the many challenges being faced in Afghan society. I highly appreciate this first-hand account of Afghanistan before, during and after the Taliban and Suraya Sadeed’s accomplishments in raising up a NGO aid organization. Her accounts are unique in that she went where other organizations didn’t dare to go. I am still haunted by her description of the orphanages and the “widow camps” where evil men were given open access to force their will on girls, b

  4. When i initailly picked this book up, i was like nah.. its soo serious for me.
    then i was no dont you put that boook down.
    And that was the best I did..
    I couldnt stop reading
    Guys if you need inspiration, pick up that book and im warning you its not an easy read..but its worth the read.
    After all its a true story. I couldnt belive the life of me a women could have done and is doing so much for country. My words wont express my loVE for this book.

  5. Suraya Sadeed is a spitfire of a woman. What an inspirational and enthralling story of humanitarian efforts in the direst of places. I hope the Afghan people find peace, and amazing people like Mrs. Sadeed have worked towards that goal. Mrs. Sadeed has done so much to reduce the suffering of Afghans. Most American readers will identify with her rebelliousness, gumption and relentless spirit. Perhaps her efforts will spark more action towards stability and peace. Above all, supporting education a

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