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  1. The essential task that Louis Althusser devoted his philosophical career, and this book most pointedly, to was rescuing what he understood as the science of Marxism from the philosophical musings of the young Marx, which Althusser believed constituted neither Marxist science nor philosophy. Althusser felt this was an imperative task, as he hoped that what he deemed to be Marxist science could transform humanity’s relationship to ideology. Marxism would only be allowed to perform this heroic serv

  2. Althusser is a peculiar figure. He is absolutely unaware of his intelligence and revolutionary insight. There’s a massive sense of insecurity in his writing, which is frustrating to say the least. Not one time does he extend his formulations to realize their full potential or implications; he’s simply unaware of such potentials because he looks at them as mere “corrections” or “explanations” of Marxist concepts, not as positive theoretical breakthroughs in and of themselves. The very concept of

  3. This is the first Althusser I’ve read. I’d like to give it the benefit of doubt: I doubt this is his best work, and I doubt I have understood it entirely. As far as I can tell here Althusser wants to make a theoretical approach to Marxian materialism. By the time of The German Ideology, and certainly by the time of Capital, Marx held that the distribution of wealth determines the quality or kinds of philosophy dominant in society. But there can be no sense or understanding of materialism without

  4. Better written than Lenin and Philosophy, and much more concise when you get to the bottom of all his arguments. Definitely one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, yet it’s sad to think that only now is he getting recognition for his works in academia and social movements. I would also recommend it for anybody interested in delving into Foucault, Derrida, Deluze, etc. as these were his students or peers at one point (much of his argumentation on the need to understand structure, theory, “

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