3 thoughts on “Flickers

  1. After being so deeply disappointed by The Passing Bells, I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for Flickers, but gave it a chance simply because it takes place in an era I love – the dawn of the Hollywood era. Flickers is better. Though hampered by some stock characters and a few predictable story patterns, the novel as a whole is (mostly) satisfying and worth the time it took to get into.

    E.P. Donovan is sharing his memories of his time as a big-time producer in the silent days. Thankfully, we have t

  2. Story opens in 1920 & WWI is over. The Victorian Age is dead & a new era is about to begin,’the jazz age’. In Hollywood, the silent screen movie industry is changing. Earl P.Donovan, professional hawker, & commentator gives the story its link with the past & the present toward the cinema pantheon. The stars of the silent screen are caught in the frantic pace of the times, years that are remembered only dimly now, like flickering images on a silent screen.

  3. Story of silent film industry in its hey day. Features vaudeville stars that make the transition. Best part is that it is told as an interview with a former film great. His commentary is often in stark contrast to the actual story, told in tandem with the interspersed interview parts. Spin doctor at work!

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