5 thoughts on “Fire and Ice (Guardians, #1)

  1. “I’m not good at this, Jack,” she said softly. “I cant bring myself to belong to anybody.” “Sweetheart it’s too late,” Jack said with a trace of bitterness. He did not like feeling this way, that another person had this much power over him, but he was tired of fighting it. It was only fair that she share this unsettling feeling with him. “You’re mine. And I take care of what’s mine.”

    Fire and Ice is the first book in the Guardian’s series by Victoria Paige. This is the second book I’ve read by

  2. Solid 4.5 Stars

    What I loved the most about this story, is that I REALLY fell in love, or EXTREME like with just about every character here. With the exception of the Villains, of course. Everyone had layers to them. Relatable but also likable layers. This one, I feel, is a solid intro to a series. The plot, the intensity here & all the twists & turns makes this one a riveting read. The chemistry with all the characters not just the MC’s, is tangible. I love that.

    While our hero Jack &

  3. 3.5-4.0 stars. Jack/H is a true alpha – handsomely hot, bossy, crazy jealous and extremely possessive. He’s an ex-navy seal and runs a group that specializes in weapons. Pair him with Maia/h a beautiful (natch) strong, independent, kickass, operative for the Guardians, an undercover group, and you have an explosion of strong wills and sexual heat. LOL! Alpha Jack desperately tries to cope with Maia’s independence and her dangerous job which leads to a lot of jaw cracking, fist clenching and grow

  4. 4.5-5 stars

    This was a great story! I loved Maia and Jack was great. This is the first story I’ve read by this author and based on this I’ll definitely be reading more of her work.

    Maia is a special agent and is a very strong woman (both physically and mentally). She’s in a dangerous line of work and has had past tragedies so she doesn’t allow herself to get involved in relationships. She lives for her job but isn’t afraid to bend some rules to do what needs done. When she works a job protecting a

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