5 thoughts on “Finding Positano, A Love Story

  1. This has to be one of the most predictable and cheesy books I have read in a long time. I found myself skipping the plot and looking for descriptions of Positano and surrounding area. The story line is transparent right from the start.

  2. The hopeless romantic in me wanted to love this book, but in reality I found it to be poorly written and have no depth in its characters. I would definitely not recommend reading this book.

  3. Like being in Positano again!

    I don’t read “love stories” but I decided to take the chance since this story was based in Italy……my favorite place. I enjoyed reading about the Amalfi Coast,Capri, and Positano. The Orange and lemon trees, the wine, the harbors of grapevine and the steep climbs up the narrow walkways and roads. The story was an easy read and I now want to return to Italy even more!!

  4. This book had an interesting and engaging plot. However, the basic writing style, terrible grammar, and consistent typos annoyed me beyond belief and took a lot of the joy out of reading.

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