5 thoughts on “Fifty Worst Films of All Time

  1. Ten percent of viewers watch stock car races for the winning and not the wrecks; the rest of us are endlessly fascinated by books like this. Really bad movies transcend genre, era, director, actor, or writer to achieve an awe-inspiring attraction of their own, beyond what bad television shows(quickly canceled), music (erased from iTunes), or books (easily abandoned in mid stream) can achieve. Kept in our seats by the price of the ticket and the limited time commitment, bad movies are more memora

  2. Well researched and cleverly written. Has a ton of background info on 50 movies that are so bad that they must be seen. Excellent companion book to the Golden Turkeys Awards.

  3. this book is hilarious! I don’t always agree with their choices, but the reviews really make their case. Some of the lines from the worst movies are priceless.

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