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  1. If you’ve ever been burned out by Women’s Studies classes, confused by the feminist blogosphere’s intellectually elitist hierarchies, or rendered invisible by mainstream media depictions of What A Feminist Looks Like, we should talk about it. For many of us, we don’t know where to start talking, or how, or even to whom we should address the issues of inequality which plague so many feminist and social justice movements: racism, sexism, ableism, classism, homophobia, ageism, cissupremacy, colonia

  2. Jessica Yee and I have a lot in common, personally and politically. For one, last year we were both curating collective published works that simultaneously construct and deconstruct contemporary feminist theory while broadening the scope of who is seen as legitimate enough to be a theory-maker. I wasn’t aware of her work, and so far as I know, she wasn’t aware of mine either. Despite being topically similar, the results of both projects are strikingly different. And I have a few theories about w

  3. N.B.: Although I was planning to read it anyway, this book’s inclusion of Indigenous perspectives made it an appropriate choice for my final assignment (a book review) in my Aboriginal Education class. As a result, I have written this with a focus on how this book furthered my understanding of Indigenous issues and applies to my teaching. I hope you find this perspective valuable even if you aren’t a teacher. This is a rough draft, so comments are welcome. And be forewarned it’s slightly more fo

  4. i agree this kind of reads more like a zine, it’s made up of personal reflections that vary quite widely in their perspectives and experiences, in that sense it feels a bit disparate. i was kinda hoping for a more systematic or in-depth critique of the ‘academic industrial complex of feminism’ – at the end of this book i’m not sure i know what that is really…
    ‘this shit is real’ by krysta williams and ashling ligate has some really important ‘tips’ for engaging in anti-oppressive activism/acade

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