4 thoughts on “Felix and the 400 Frogs (Step Into Reading. Step 3 Book)

  1. This is a story about a boy who wants to be a mind reader. A psychic told him that he had a gift for mental communication so he wanted to try it out. He tried in on people and it didn’t work but he was able to talk to a frog. The frog was a princess and she needed his help to retrieve her magical stone. She brought along her army of 400 frogs to help. They find the stone but now they have to find a way to get it back. The stone fell into the wrong hands and terrible things started to happen. It

  2. This is about a boy who wants to read peoples minds instead he can read and hear a princess frogs mind. She has Felix help her find her magic moonstone. When they find who stole it they come back at night and get it back, but something goes wrong to find out you have to read it you’re self.

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