5 thoughts on “Feber i blodet (Sagaen om Isfolket #12)

  1. I am extremely glad that in this book Villemo finally gets her fulfillment, as the tension and intensity of her desires was growing through quite few volumes. Villemo was a star and the centre of the plot, which other characters were revolving around like planets on their orbits around the sun (nice one, considering Villemo’s hot temper and burning touch), but I am ready to move on and see trials and tribulations of the next generation. “Fever” or “Gorączka” as says my translated to Polish book

  2. In Længsel (‘Longing’) we’re still following Villemo and the other 3 of that generation, Dominic, Niklas and Irmelin. And I’d forgotten most of what happens in this book.

    Truth be told, not a lot happens. Okay, another war between Denmark and Sweden erupts – which happens all the time at this point in history, that much I do know. Whether it is fate or simply bad luck, Villemo and Dominic end up on a desperate run for their lives through the forests of Skåne (Scania in English). Of course, this i

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