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  1. It’s very generous of Eden to include four novellas in her book Fall Into Winter. Many writers would have published it as four books and charged you the full price for each. Then they would have brought out two double novellas before finally publishing the quadruple novella anthology.

    This is what modern book marketing experts recommend.

    But Eden is very generous in lots of ways. She gives us four novellas at once and she gives a lot of herself in these four novellas. It’s this generosity that ma

  2. “Fall Into Winter” by Eden Baylee is a truly wonderful selection of four erotic short stories.
    Unlike many other such compilations each segment in the book has a unique storyline and characters that will draw the reader’s attention so much you wish it were a full length story.

    The opening story is about a chance encounter in a trashy bar. Baylee thankfully opens the dialogue with harmless flirtation and allows her characters to build a connection before physical chemistry takes its path. This is a

  3. Exciting, Exotic, and Extremely Erotic–that is how Eden Baylee describes her work. I couldn’t agree more. Her debut release FALL INTO WINTER, a collection of four erotic novellas set in, you guessed it, fall and winter, is hot enough to melt the Icelandic snow. The action is exciting, the locations exotic, and the romance is extremely erotic.

    I don’t read a lot of erotica, though I write a little myself. Most of what is out there on the dark shelves of the adult section is simply literary porn.

  4. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book has four stories in it, about four different women with different sexual needs, and the thing I love about this book, is they know what they want and they go out and get it.

    This book, starts with Ella, she’s 38yo. we first meet Ella in a night club. when she challenges a man to a contest in music. This breaks the ice and they both start getting along. the chemistry between john and Ella is so hot, you could burn your self on it. The relationship starts out as just sex but as they grow

  5. Do you think erotica is just a bunch of shallow characters, trite and repetitious phrases, and crazy sex scenes? If you do, Fall Into Winter will change your mind. Eden Baylee gives us four incredible stories with rich characters and story lines… as well as a lot of sizzling sex scenes. They range from impulsive to calculated to breathtakingly romantic. The characters and their histories add to the richness of the stories. When her character, Elena, who is trying to have a career as a writer o

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