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  1. This was a good YA, and there wasn’t anything too teen about. I am talking about drugs, sex and alcohol. Sometimes that just seems to be there because it should. Sure here there was the fear that she might be pregnant but that was it. This was more about the journey and friendship between these two girls.

    Bethany doesn’t want to go on any trip and to embarrassing things. She wants to stay home and study for her exams, but at the same time her worries are eating her up and she wants to tell her be

  2. This really exceeded my expectations. I had a good idea that I’d like it as it’s my kind of book but it had much more depth than I was expecting. It was really witty and good fun – I’m really taken by the whole extreme travelling and am tempted to try it myself – but in addition to that we also get some brilliant characterisation. I connected to Bets straight away and she is the kind of girl I could see myself being friends with. Carlota took a longer for me to warm to but I have the feeling tha

  3. Extreme Kissing is a brilliantly funny, chick-lit novel for teenage girls, which also has some substance to it. Over the course of a crazy day in London, Carlota and Bethany (aka Lots & Bets) both change – their friendship with each other, their feelings about their families, as well as their view of themselves. Carlota is the impulsive, boy-crazy one (she’s a fan of the pash’n’dash, to use an Australian term) whilst Bethany is more stable, in a long-term relationship. They’re both stressed

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    I really loved Extreme Kissing by Luisa Plaja! It’s a book that made me laugh, but it also made my heart hurt and I just wanted to read more and more. Extreme Kissing is a great book about friendship and secrets and figuring out what you want.

    It’s also a book that I read at the perfect timing. Do you remember my Doing Things Differently project? It was a few years ago and only the most loyal and long-standing blog readers may remember. B

  5. The past 2 days have been so cool! I received 2 packages. 1 from Luisa Plaja, and 1 from Bloomsbury. The one from Luisa contained her book Extreme Kissing! I read it the same day- and here’s the review.

    Carlota and Bethany are best friends forever. Carlota’s the wild one, whilst Bethany’s the sensible one. Carlota has no boyfriend- only an obsession with her ex, whilst Bethany has a long term boyfriend. Carlota isn’t bothered about her GCSE’s, whilst Bethany is revising hard. Carlota takes advise

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