2 thoughts on “Every Woman’s Guide to Managing Your Anger

  1. This book changed my life! I am so happy I was able to read it and take the time to follow the advice written. You don’t have to be an angry person to learn from these well written and easy to understand chapters.

    The book takes you on a journey from letting anger control you to you being able to control your anger. The process will have you looking at incidents in your life where you were angry, the best ways to diffuse your anger, and ways to forgive others as well as yourself.

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  2. When I started reading this books, I read it with the idea of gaining general knowledge and insight for myself, and hope for ways to help others. Not only did I receive that, but I found myself being dually ministered to and relating to the examples of women in the book. I was surprised at how much I looked forward to reading it.

    Jantz’s tone is compassionate and helpful – if an author could write with the fruits of the Spirit, Jantz succeeded! It doesn’t tell you point blank that X is wrong wit

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