3 thoughts on “Escape from Kyburg Castle

  1. I liked this one, but didn’t enjoy it quite as much as Hidden Rainbow by the same author. I felt there should have been more description at times. The story-line is really good and I felt convicted by the faith of the Anabaptist’s. There is a strong message of salvation in this book which is becoming rare in a lot of Christian books these days.

  2. A good story that serves as a jump-off point for me: who and what were really true? It moved along quickly, too quickly, but the point obviously wasn’t plot (or character) development as much as to tell the story. And end the story – rather abruptly and syrupy. I appreciate it for what it is and will look further down the road for a more in-depth account of the Anabaptists.
    (I was stunned by the fact that I have walked along that very river, completely oblivious to what dreadful, criminal thing

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