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  1. Sometimes I wonder. We all do, those of us who write erotica. What is it that makes us willing to bare our dirtiest fantasies to the world? To parade our perversions before our readers? It’s true, we hide the truth, we polish and perfect the memories, leaving out the disappointing, the embarrassing and the painful moments, plucking the burning embers of our desire out of the ashes and using them to kindle the words on the page. Still, I don’t think it’s possible to write well, in erotica or any

  2. From my original blog review –
    “Lives” includes memoirs by Bill Brent, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Amie Evans, Marilyn Jaye Lewis, Ian Philips & Greg Wharton & Adam, and Rob Stephenson. My hands down favorites are the essays by Bill Brent and Marilyn Jaye Lewis. There’s something about lovely, lyrical writing about sex that’s just plain bad for you that makes it hotter. Not that they are similar beyond that; Brent writes about his years on crystal meth while Lewis writes about a long-lasting to

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