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  1. One of the Shenandoah series based in Virginia, this one features a woman, Elisa Martinez who comes to the Community Church in the small town to seek employment as a sexton to the Pastor, Rev. Sam Kincaid. A private, mysterious woman of many talents, Elisa’s bi-lingual abilities are a God-send to Rev. Sam in establishing an English Immersion class for the children of farm workers in the area.

    Ms. Richards writes of life in a small town very much like it usually is. There are several sub-plots, no

  2. This is a wonderfully written book. Complete with vivid characters, diverse situations, and heartwarming moments. The story itself catches your attention added with the underlying irony of the leading man’s habits it’s near impossible to not laugh out loud.
    I found myself drawn to Sam’s unethical behaviors that seemed to occur though his intentions were so honorable. His character definately reminded me that no one is perfect, even really good people… say, a man of the cloth.
    The mystery of E

  3. Eliza came to Toms Brook for a reason, but then she met Sam Kinkade the minister of the the local church and was hired to be the new sexton. The Quilting Bee welcomed her and she became involved with them and many other aspects of the town. We know she is hiding something, or from something and it was very interesting to find out what. I liked the way this story evolved and I’m looking forward to reading more books in this series. Its not a story about quilting, but quilting weaves its way throu

  4. I was intrigued what the common thread was going to be in this series, turns out it is the quilts. I liked the story that was told with the first book, this book was much the same. I liked that Helen was around to berate people. While it took me a bit to warm up to her in the first book, by the end I did like her. I liked the quilting bee and how Helen was keeping them on task and how she got the pastor to hire the right person.

    Elisa was interesting, more so as her story unfolded. I loved that i

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