2 thoughts on “Eleanor of Aquitaine (The Eleanor Code #2)

  1. This took me a long time to read as this was more a saga than a story. Eleanor is now in Paris, confined by all of these rules that keep her sequestered within the walls of the castle on the Ide de France. Adding to her discontent, she is met with disapproval by Bernard of Clairvaux, her husband’s spiritual advisor, who finds Eleanor’s frank speak shocking and unseemly. At the same time, she discovers an advocate in Abbot Suger, who finds Eleanor’s zeal for life charming. Ever loyal to the the t

  2. Of course it is amazing to read about one of the most complex women of history. Set in the 12th century this is well researched and has superb medieval maps that guide the reader on Eleanor’s Journey East. Being the author with the typical biases a father has for his children, I can only write of the origins. For another view see the review at the Historical Novel Society. http://historicalnovelsociety.org/rev

    If you read Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Young Life, the first book of the series on th

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