5 thoughts on “Dungeon Master’s Guide Rules Supplement (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition, Stock #2112)

  1. This book tries to teach you how to be a good human and that’s just sad…

    In the late ’80s, early ’90s, TSR – the company that made Dungeons & Dragons products – decided to relaunch their bread-winning game system with a 2nd edition. D&D rules had always been considered difficult to understand or readily grasp, so the idea was to spread the rules out over a few books, as opposed to just a couple, as they’d done in the past, with each book specifically addressing a certain aspect of the g

  2. I actually read most of this years ago, but I’m on this kick to make sure that all books on my supposed “have read” shelf have actually been read from cover to cover. (Various others like these will be popping up as well.)

    Amazingly, I think this book is actually more useful just for the topic of world creation in the sense of fictional world-building, qv fantasy authors, than it is for role-players. Either way, a great supplement all around.

  3. This was the first RPG book in my collection that had DMing advice beyond the basics. Still a good read even though 2nd edition has long passed by the wayside.

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