5 thoughts on “Drawn Into Darkness

  1. Having to stay home and pretty inactive sure gives a person time to read! Just finished this VERY DARK mystery book.

    I had some issues with all of the snakes and thought there was a little too much emphasis on naming all of the plants, trees and insects (maybe if you’re from that part of Florida it means more to you), plus the pedophile character. Needless to say, I have no desire to go camping anytime soon- not when I think about waking up and having a rattlesnake sleeping with me! Not a book f

  2. Readers will be thrilled with this bright and bold leading lady who takes charge and never backs down from whatever odd situation the world throws at her. Liana Clymer, as she claims, is a highly intelligent woman; her brain is filled with a great deal of information, yet when it comes to common sense and the reality of personal relationships, she’s not as bright as she’d like to be.

    Her life is certainly a record of that. Liana dropped out of college three months before graduation and married G

  3. This book is about a kidnapper. A woman moves down to the swamplands of Florida and decides to go greet her neighbors. (Not sure how many people do that anymore but never the less off she went!) She is invited into the house next door by a young boy and while there she sees the boy on an Amber alert commercial. The kidnapper then forces her to stay with them. While the kidnapper is at work the kid comes to the woman and helps her and we get a good look at what Stockholm syndrome looks like. I th

  4. This was a new author for me. The story is one people in the U.S. deal with every day; abduction/rape of a child. Having kids myself I wasn’t sure I could get through it but I forced myself to read it to the end. It was discreet in details where the child is concerned and the main female character who was a new neighbor (and went to introduce herself) was a very strong woman who no matter how much she was abused by the captor was determined to save the child and get him back to his parents. My h

  5. Drawn into Darkness is a masterpiece. Without doubt one of the best books I had the pleasure to listen to so far in 2016 and, frankly, ever. I found this audiobook by accident searching for another one and what a pleasant surprise it was.

    It is, certainly, not for the faint of heart. The novel deals with the darkest side of people, with real life monsters and the heartbreaking effects they have in innocent lives. It shows how humans are complex creatures, capable of a myriad of apparently conflic

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