4 thoughts on “Dragon Rider (Prophecy of the Kings, #2)

  1. My Thoughts. Forget the “show don’t tell” rules for writing. Forget emotionally engaging with the characters. Instead imagine yourself sitting around a bonfire with a group of your friends, relaxing and listening to a really great story. That is how it feels to read this book.

    What I liked. David Burrows’ narrative style results in a much more intense story in terms of action and pace. Instead of exploring the world from inside the mind of one or more characters, you are pretty much told everythi

  2. Prophecy of Kings Trilogy: Book Two: Dragon Rider
    David Burrows

    When waking up from a deep sleep most of us would try and shake off the tired feeling, wash our faces and try to refresh ourselves and figure out why we slept so long. But, when Kaplyn, Lars and Lomar are awakened from what they thought was a few hours or days rest, they are struck by the remarkable changes within each of them, their surroundings and the person that caused them to be able to reenter the world. The site of Tumarl was

  3. Dragon Rider, the second book is a fast and furious read. Lots of action, interesting twists and turns and a whole lot of fun! It grabbed me and held on all the way through. Well-told, and I enjoyed the author getting into telling some of the stories of the secondary characters without going overboard. Gave the book more depth, and more characters to root for!

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