4 thoughts on “Don’t Go Europe!

  1. I think these guys are going for sarcasm in this book – I’m guessing they really thought Europe wasn’t half bad. I read this as humor, and got a kick out of it. I lived in Western Europe and loved it, but still thoroughly enjoyed the country “reviews” in the book. If you can laugh at their rating system of 0 to -10 for each country… and the fact that France scores a -11, you’ll laugh throughout. And, by the way, France is a wonderful place.

  2. HILARIOUS!! As someone who has been to Europe a few times I thought this was one of the most hilarious pieces of travel humour out there. From advice on how not to get to Europe, to advice on what not to do should you by some horrible mistake find yourself there, and of course tips on how to “Be Bold! Be Stupid! Be American!” this book will make anyone who has ever visited Europe laugh their heads off.

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