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  1. Don’t Fall Asleep by Laura Eno is part of the Dream Assassin series starring Cassandra Dade.

    From the cover:
    “In the 27th century, a psychic aberration has manifested in humanity, gifting a select few with the ability to weave dreams for others. They apply their addictive trade, calling themselves Dream Merchants.
    Rarer still are those who can assassinate people while they dream…”

    In Don’t Fall Asleep, Cassandra has recently arrived on Altair IV. She is one of the dream assassins and she works and l

  2. I enjoyed this one. The world was an interesting one to navigate through, and the ability to enter the dreams of others in order to get information from them or outright kill them was a neat concept. I do wish Cassandra had been a bit more brooding and dark; she looked set up to be so, but she was too flirty with Nathan (I kept expecting her to try and turn Nathan away from being gay) and too quick to giggle. Giggling isn’t brooding and dark. But overall that didn’t take away from the fun of thi

  3. This is a science fiction novel. At first I thought it was written from a YA group but the content is a bit graphic for that. I’m not much of a science fiction/fantasy reader myself so I can’t compare it to other books of the same genre.

    It’s set in the future and not on planet earth. Eno does not describe the planet and its race in much detail: They live in domes and the inhabitants look the same as humans on earth. The main characters come from earth. I didn’t mind this because I’m more of a ch

  4. Cassandra Dade is a Dream Merchant who has been trained as a Dream Assassin, a skill so rare that it had become almost mythical. She is a highly skilled but tormented woman, who leaves Earth to start a new life on planet Altair IV, where she’ll find a partner and friend, and also a part of her past she’d rather have left behind.

    Don’t Fall Asleep is an action-packed book in which Cassandra is a hunter who soon finds that she is being hunted as well. While her relationship with Nathan — her newl

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