5 thoughts on “Don’t Block the Blessings

  1. If you are looking for a book that will make you Laugh out loud until tears stream down your face, cry like you lost your best friend and regret reaching the conclusion of the tale… Patti’s Don’t Block the Blessings delivers in spades. I have read this book from cover to cover 4 times and with each reading I still close the book caught up in the awe that is Patti LaBelle. I don’t want to give the book away so I’ll vaguely tell you it dishes on the rise and fall of Patti LaBelle and the BlueBel

  2. This memoir here is the perfect example of a personal story that inspires. Yes, there’s the pain, the tears, and hardships, but not without a fight, straddling alongside deep reflective anecdotes, and many, many laughs to wade through the tough spots.

    I guess it shouldn’t have been a hard guess, wondering what was behind a woman with as big and powerful of a singing voice. In short, I loved, loved this memoir! Highly Recommended.

  3. So often we ask God to help us through the trials in our life, then we impatiently step out there and handle things ourselves instead of letting HIM take care of it for us. It is a celebration of successes and disapointments told in only the way Ms. Patti can.

  4. bought this book when it came out in hardback, read it in three days. learned alot about her life and life in general i recommend this book to “fans” of patti’s or not. It was great, I have read it twice.

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