5 thoughts on “Documents of the Christian Church

  1. Awesome reference book! The tricky thing about a book like this is reading the original sources in their respective contexts. This book is “dry” if you don’t read the original sources based on the contexts in which they were written, and in light of the repercussions they caused in history.

  2. A collection of documents of historical importance, but not situated in any kind of social or historical context. A useful reference, but quite unreadable on its own.

  3. This work should be titled “Documents of the Western Church.” It provides an excellent overview of the Western Church but all but abandons the East after 1054.

  4. This book compiles ancient and modern documents produced by the church and theologians marking historic points in the development of the Church (predominantly the Western Church and then British towards the end) into modern English. The editors have included a few notes on translation as well as very brief comments on the dates and historical context. But this is not a stand-alone history text, it’s a supplement. My help in understanding the context came primarily from Cantor’s Civilization of t

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