5 thoughts on “Die Buying (A Mall Cop Mystery, #1)

  1. I love when an author set before a reader an intertwining mystery that may lead to dead ends, red herrings and a long list of suspects. Laura DiSilverio does just that with Die Buying. DiSilverio creates a great character in EJ a mall cop (for now) and a ex-military cop who due to an IED injury that left her with a trouble knee, retire from the military EJ still wants to be a cop and is buying her time until she lands her next dream job. In the meantime, she has a lot on her plate from dealing

  2. Emma-Joy Ferris (EJ) was serving her country in Iraq when shrapnel from an IED blast mangled her knee and lower leg and got her medically discharged and sent home. Her dream is to work for any police department stateside but all she has received is rejections. The only job similar that she now has is being a mall cop for Fernglen Galleria just outside of Vernonville, Virginia.

    Most days are spent deterring shoplifters, giving directions, and cruising the mall on her Segway. Today is much more in

  3. I honestly didn’t expect much from this book, so I was pleasantly surprised. My dubiousness had a lot to do, I admit, with the fact that I don’t particularly like shopping. (Huh. I used to loathe it; I wonder when that stopped being true?)

    Anyway, E.J. Ferris is an engaging heroine, determined to make her own way in the world; yet the fact that she doesn’t, strictly speaking, *have* to actually makes it more credible that she does things that could easily jeopardize her job. The ex-CIA grandfathe

  4. I loved this book. The main character is flawed and I like that about her. She was injured while serving in the military police, her knee is in such bad shape that she can’t work in the civilian police. She still seems to have nightmares about what happened. I like that she’s a little self consious about how her leg looks, but isn’t obsessed with it like a lot of ‘cozy’ mystery characters are with their physical flaws. The closest she can get to working police work is being a mall cop, which nor

  5. As a former Woman Marine (USMC) I really enjoyed the main sleuth, E.J. Ferris. Our E.J is a true Veteran of Afghanistan/Iraq. Having received a military Medical Discharge, E.J’s heart is still in law enforcement but her war injuries has her working as a ‘Mall Cop.’ Do not feel sorry for E.J though, she is a determined, strong-willed, and smart Cop.

    Whether it is a dealing with environmental, animal,religious protestors, or with blatant murders, E.J. is on top of the cases, to the annoyance of the

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