4 thoughts on “Did They Mention the Music?

  1. This book has a few of the textual arranging stories I long for: like treating an Autoharp as a Zither and picking just the notes you wanted with a guitar pick as Hank does in Experiment in Terror. He plays the melody of Moon River for the first time to Johnny Mercer who says, “who’s gonna record a waltz?” – Mercer’s surprisingly clueless comment reminds me of Sean Connery who turned down the film role of Gandalf. Hank’s advice: when writing cues that fade out on screen, save your cues longer wi

  2. I have been an avid fan of Mr. Mancini’s work for many years, and I was looking forward to reading his autobiography. I wasn’t disappointed!

    While co-written with jazz author Gene Lees, Henry’s voice comes shining through as readers gain insight into the life of this remarkable man: his humble roots, his quirky sense of humor, his respect for those who worked for him, and the music that made him famous.

    From a musical standpoint, this book is incredible! I strongly recommend having a lot of his mu

  3. I knew about Mancini’s legacy and most of the amazing music he wrote, but reading about his career in his own words gave me a new appreciation of what he accomplished. Truly an American treasure.

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