2 thoughts on “Designing Your Natural Home

  1. As far as books about building green with the help of a fancy architect go, this one wasn’t bad. At least the author comes at the topic admitting that an architect, builder, and project manager aren’t strictly necessary for building with natural materials. A lot of the ideas are applicable whether or not you’re building a several-thousand square foot retreat on the top of a mountain. The pages discussing “What to discuss with your architect before you begin” or “How to make sure workers get stuf

  2. I snapped a few design element photos from these texts to save in my “Housing” file in Evernote. My general impression of this text is ‘Green Architecture for Yuppies’. Normally, I perceive natural building techniques as not only eco-responsible, but also incredibly affordable for the middle to lower classes. This text approached the building process with an architect and a lot of disposable funds. The ideas set forth for being “green” were not as informative or thorough as other texts I have re

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