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  1. Demon Weather is a full length novel about a character I have only previously met in short stories. Luis da Silva is a rather unusual demon hunter, in that he is a middle aged married man with children and a job – in fact, as the captain of the barque Isabella (whose crew includes his teenage son, Ze) he has quite enough on his mind without finding himself faced with an old enemy who has embarked on a spell to destroy him which incidentally involves gathering the souls of his family and friends,

  2. Action-packed, character-driven, full of gentle humour and dark horror jostling to find space in the story, and yet the story lacked something. Perhaps it was the lack of the previous tales of da Silva, whose absence made the book jarring on many occasions. Perhaps it was the curiously modern narrative voice that made the 16th Century adventure appear incongruous. Perhaps it was the f*****g Kindle format that refused me the pleasure to lie down with the book in one hand and finish the story by r

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