2 thoughts on “Defending Fortress Europe

  1. ‘Defending Fortress Europe’ would be an excellent complement to a
    study of the Normandy campaign, say, reading it along with another
    D-Day book that had the human interest theme, as here there are no
    ‘hitting the beach’ or in this case, ‘defending the beach’ stories.
    In fact, contrary to the typical D-Day tale, there is hardly any
    mention of the beaches because in the scope of things, the fighting
    there lasted only a short time.

    The ‘Daily Diary’ of a unit, in this case the German 7th Army at

  2. A fantastic look at the mind set of the German seventh army in Normandy during the month following d-day, this book shows their struggles and their successes, with Mr Reardon’s timely interjections and notes the seventh armies exploits are put into a the broader context of the Normandy campaign which helps readers understand the situation on the ground as well as the overall strategic outlook of the campaign. A particular highlight of the book was the introduction by Mr Reardon which highlighted

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