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  1. Firstly, this book is definitely out of date. It was published in 1998, and you can tell. A lot of the techniques and styles mentioned in here aren’t used that often nowadays, like vinyl kitchen flooring, wallpaper on the walls, or rag rolling. But, like another reviewer pointed out, if you ignore those outdated styles and techniques, and focus more so on the instructions, tips, and tricks, then this is a great reference book. Also a great DIY book and decorating-on-a-budget book.

    Secondly, this

  2. This book is quite dated at this point, and perhaps it was when it was published. I generally don’t see a demand for sponged-on paint or that kind of paint style now. However, its instructions, tips, and tricks ARE useful for a wide variety of projects. Even the general color and design advice is still very relevant today. They could have done a better job defining things, but then again, I didn’t realize there was a glossary until it was over. I’ll probably keep it as a reference book.

  3. An excellent do-it-yourself guide to the tools and techniques of installing wall, window, and floor treatments, but not a word on how to choose which things you’re going to do.

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