5 thoughts on “Decorating Cookies

  1. I haven’t made anything from this book yet, but the photos are gorgeous. The instructions are written clearly and from past cookie decorating ventures they all sound logical. Includes a list of several websites for buying cookie cutters. I only wish you could get this great look with buttercream icing instead of royal icing. Also, I think I need a dragonfly cookie cutter.

  2. Liked the introduction and Cookie Decorating Basics section. She gives some good advice and ideas for decorating and fixing mistakes. “Everything looks better with sprinkles.” I’ll probably be purchasing some more cookie cutters to add to my already extensive cookie cutter collection.

  3. Honestly one of the best sugar cookie recipes ever! Easy to work with & very flavorful! And edible royal icing (an accomplishment all on its own). I’ve followed Bridget’s blog Bake at 350 for several years & love it! I own a copy I like it so much!

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