3 thoughts on “Death Behind the Dunes

  1. This book has more twists and turns than a West Virginia mountain road. Just when I thought I had a handle on the story, Sylvia took her mystery into a completely different direction. Nick Melino, the lead detective on the case, proved to be a stalwart and troubled character that left this reader encouraged at the book’s end for his future. Sylvia has crafted a nice mystery that will keep her readers entertained and puzzled to the very end.

  2. Wonderful murder mystery. Fantastic little novella. Picture in your mind a 25 year school reunion where the prettiest most popular girl in school gets murdered. Then picture that one of her classmates is the head detective on the sheriffs department. This most dreadful murder happens on the beautiful Gulf Coast on one of the white pristine beaches. Our head detective will stop at nothing to find all the clues to this murder. Great read

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