5 thoughts on “Deadly Lode

  1. I won this book on GoodReads.

    I wondered if I would enjoy reading about mining. I needn’t have been concerned as the author’s knowledge and writing skill made this book a good read. It takes talent to be able to explain a technical profession in terms that everyone can understand. This author has that talent.

    While the book didn’t leave me panting to find out what happens next it was a book I needed to carry with me so I could read it when I had a few minutes. The story contains a few twists, an i

  2. I won a copy of this book and am very glad I did.

    This book is freakin’ fantastic. Randall Reneau, an old hand at mining, takes us on a thrill ride in Deadly Lode. We start off with an entrepreneurial geologist, Trace Brandon, looking for a mineral deposit on which to stake a claim—and the financial, geological, corporate, and criminal shenanigans that soon come about. There’s a lot of very interesting and educational detail in the novel about what it takes to create a mining corporation but th

  3. Skilled writer weaves storyline from series of related events and unique characters

    To produce an action adventure that is fast moving with unexpected twists and reactions that prevent the reader from taking a break.

    Although some of the circumstances and events may seem contrived for this story, my experience is that these kinds of things can and do happen in real life, and often compounded by multiple life storylines, simultaneous conflicting events, and real characters that do not follow the pl

  4. *Please note that I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for my honest review*

    This is an explosive mystery that reminded me of the best Clive Cussler’s books – gritty, fast-paced, never letting up the tempo, mixing industry espionage, international business dealings, the Mafia, and all-around double-dealings.

    I never thought someone could write so amazingly about geology and mining – I didn’t know a thing about it before but the author has a true gift for imparting knowledge on

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