5 thoughts on “Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1)

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  2. *3.5 shadowed stars*

    My head tells me 3 stars, but my heart says 4. Which makes an average of 3.5 (but you knew that already.)


    Yes, that is the reaction I had after starting Dead Witch Walking (great title by the way.) I was so surprised while discovering every ‘creature’ this book contains. There are witches, vampires, trolls (apparently,) fairies, PIXIES… PIXIES guys. There are PIXIES. Plus, one of them is an important character of the story! I’m talking about this one:

    (On the left, we hav

  3. Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

    The Hollows is another one of the first Urban Fantasy series I ever read. The bug had gottenme, but I was still new enough to not really know what was available. I think I was just pursuing every lead Amazon gave me, and that was back in the 3-for-4 paperbacks days, so I was in the habit of ordering the first four books in any newly discovered series.

    Which was a good plan, b/c by the time I finished Dead Witch Walking, I was well and truly hooked, and if I had days to wai

  4. Buddy read with the MacHalo group in June 2016.

    Ooops, I’m going to bail on this one, sorry guys. Urban fantasy is just not doing it for me these days, and since I’ve already read this series and it’d be a re-read anyway, I don’t feel too bad. 😛

    Quick generic review, though… if you like urban fantasies, this is hands down one of the best series in the genre, overall. Some books aren’t as strong as others, but it only gets better. I know that can be annoying, but with this series, I think my fav

  5. Don’t let the cover, description, cover reviews, or hell, even the title throw you off on this one. It looks like a cheesy paperback. Possibly even a twisted romance novel, but believe me it’s not.

    It takes place in a world where instead of going to the moon, money went into bioengineering. Of course something went wrong a virus got out, in tomatoes. Like a plague it started wiping out humans, Inlanders however (people and beings with mystical abilities, witches, weres, pixies etc.) were immune.

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