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  1. Dead By Dawn (Jason Dark Ghost Hunter, Vol. 7), by Guido Henkel: “An increasingly disturbing series of deaths has been noted all across London over the past two nights, claiming the lives of well over 200 people from all circles.” – The London Times, April 16, 1881. This story takes Jason Dark, the intrepid ghost hunter and supernatural investigator, and his wise and beautiful partner (Siu Lin), into battle with a sinister being who is gathering the souls of hundreds of innocent Londoners. The c

  2. I love that each of Henkel’s novellas begins with a death of some sort. I’m onto the seventh book in the series, and I’m just now making this observation, but even so, I absolutely love it. I think it adds to the mystery of the novellas as we then have to figure out, alongside Jason Dark and Siu Lin, what happened and why.

    This was a really interesting story, especially as I didn’t have a clue who the culprit was and was taken aback when I finally did find out, at the same time as Jason Dark. I r

  3. It’s 1881 and Londoners are dying by the hundreds. Are the large flocks of owls seen overhead the harbingers of more deaths to come? What about the snake oil salesman hawking his wares? Jason Dark and his sidekick, Siu Lu, set out to investigate.

    This is the sixth Jason Dark volume I’ve read. Each time I come away thinking they would make a great television series – Dead by Dawn is no exception. Henkel is particularly adept at immersing the reader in the scene. His books are moody and atmospheric

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