3 thoughts on “De Buty & The Beast

  1. I thought DeButy The Beast was a clever and entertaining read.

    I loved the premise. This must be one of the few historical romances that I’ve read where the heroine is such a strong female lead with an equally strong love interest. I absolutely loved this story.

    Being a South Carolinian, it was nice to read a love story based on the neighboring state of North Carolina.

    Linda Winstead Jones is a great story teller and very talented writer. I read this book in less than a day, and I enjoyed each page

  2. I have yet to read a Jungle Book-esque book that I really enjoyed and this one was no exception. It was okay, but difficult to connect with the heroine and find the story believable. Anya was lost at sea as a child, ultimately growing up on a island as a love goddess and the concubine of a king. This island was removed enough that no trace of her could be uncovered, yet she appears at home years later? The actual how of her arrival at home was glossed over.
    The story felt forced and, towards the

  3. In order to enjoy this book, you have to suspend your disbelief.

    It’s gender-reversed variation on Beauty and the beast theme with the beast being sexually semi-aggressive woman who cannot act accordingly to the rules of victorian America.

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