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  1. It is always a very nice feeling when you read a book that describes the society, people and culture of a place in such detail. Siddharth Chowdhury tries to do it honestly and full points to him, because he manages successfully in painting the accurate picture of Patna and Delhi in this novel.
    Siddharth spent many important years of his life in Patna and Delhi so it is not a surprise that the people, streets and life of Patna formed such an integral part of this story. Same can be said about the

  2. An ultimate showcase of best of Indian writing. Being studied in Delhi and lived most of the time there, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel by Siddharth Choudhury. The story of Zorawar Singh Shokeen breathes Delhi in and out. While reading this, I was taken back in college years in Delhi University. The writer has presented the cases of college guys from Bihar-UP in Delhi University-North Campus. Lucidly written but witty in many parts, this is a sure shot page turner. No wonder it was selected for

  3. A mystical mishmash of D.U. students, property dealers, IAS aspirants, North campus elections, goons and sexual escapades. Everyone makes a fool of themselves, and almost everyone is hiding a heartbreak. Oh, the bittersweet 90s.

  4. Patna Roughcut was far better.Didn’t like this one.not at all.Very cheap writing,plot also very predictable and full of sexual innuendos.Very doubtful about it was shortlisted for Man Asia literary
    prize 2009.

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