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  1. Pretty sure Violet Winspear was inspired in part by an old fantasy rom book called Joris of the Rock. Two characters have very unusual names: Tiphaine & Gilles De’Ath, sister & brother in Darling Infidel.

    This one has an unusual hero, an Austrian physician, who’s in disgrace because he euthanized (implied but not confirmed) a patient, and there’s a character who was way ahead of the times because of her sexual liberation.

    The heroine is . . .different. She stabs the hero in Chapter 1. In

  2. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Extremely strange take on romance. Until the very end and I mean the very end the heroine proclaims her rabid dislike of the hero. Also the OW who is supposed to the heroine’s best friend turns out to be deranged and violent and attempts to kill the heroine (because she wants Mr studly for herself) and the sweet doormat tells the hero, whom she is now proclaiming to be madly in love with (next to last page), that she doesn’t want them to tell anyone what happened. Okayyy, your former best friend

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