5 thoughts on “Darkness Awaits

  1. 1,5 stars

    Poor Michael should have called van Helsing – asking for advice how to get rid off his asshole-vampire-dom-mate-lover Max…permanently!
    Darkness Awaits started out -though unintentionally funny – as an o.k. read.Near the end it was a mess of bloodshed,violence and “who did what to whom?”…
    Choppy writing and an increasingly ridiculous plot with sex scenes thrown in out of nowhere made it hard to finish – or even like.No,thanks…

  2. The book left me somewhat annoyed. Overall impression – just another vampire story with a vampire as a dom, a human turned lapdog, then turned vampire, very little BD some abuse and a predictable story line.
    There was also that constant feeling that Michael, the human, was originally meant to be a woman.

    I came across so many WTH moments, that I lost count, but most memorable are:
    (view spoiler)[Vamp (Max) and his human, Michael, have been in Michael’s dreams together forever. They finally meet, ha

  3. I bought this because I liked the blurb. The cover really doesn’t do this justice.

    Michael has been dreaming of the ‘dark man’ all of his life but here recently his dreams have turned from friends to sexual submission lessons with the promise that soon, he and his dark dream man will meet.

    After the devastating loss of his family Michael moves from New York to L.A. to start a new life with new friends. Michael finally meets Max, the man from his dreams and finds out his friend are not human, plung

  4. I love vampire m/m stories, so was very excited to see this one (especially with some BDSM in the mix)! However, I wasn’t able to connect to the characters as much as I would have liked – just not enough build up to feel the emotions and the trust necessary for Max’s desired relationship. The writing didn’t flow smoothly either, so things progressed in a bit of a choppy fashion. On the plus side, I did enjoy the book. As mentioned above, I love reading about vampires and also appreciated the oth

  5. Really enjoyed the world Church creates in Darkness Awaits as I love vampires and I love super Alpha males & Max, Michael’s love interest here, fits that bill *well*. It was also interesting to watch the changes that Michael experiences within himself throughout the story with having to deal with a part of himself that had been awakened that was very far from his natural tendencies to be submissive. Church has left the door wide open for a story between secondary characters Jonas and Nik so

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