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  1. An eerie murder mystery. From the opening haunting death your taken on a mysterious and at times supernatural search for the killer. Emily McAllister dreamed of her best friend’s death in a watery cave. When the police determine it’s an accidental drowning she goes to the police to try and convince them it was a murder without sounding like a crazy person. But what she gets is a straight laced police sergeant Mark Thurgood who is still haunted by the death of his partner in the same sea that too

  2. Stephanie was in a cave tied up and her lover had did this to her. How she wishes she could warn her best friend. Emily awoke and felt dread and water and hopelessness in her dream. Sgt. Mark Thurgood had a report of a body. Emily found out from the news it was Stephanie her best friend. Emily went to talk to Mark about the death being murder, which he didn’t believe. Mark had his won ghosts affecting his job as to where the incidents happen after his accident over a year ago.
    This was a story in

  3. Emily has a vision of her best friend dying. When she hears the report on the news about it being an accidental drowning, she goes to the police. Mark is a sergeant who doesn’t believe her at first. But when calls and messages began, he knows he must investigate. When Emily sees her own death, they’ll do anything to keep it from happening. Mark is a broken man who is terrified of the sea. Emily has only her aunt and uncle and believes happily ever afters aren’t for her. But they both learn to le

  4. Somehow, Emily knew her best friend was in trouble. She knew that something terrible was happening to her. And when the news story broke about the body found in the ocean, and they ruled it as a drowning, Emily knew what she had to do. She had to get someone to believe her.

    In this spicy romantic suspense with just a pinch of the paranormal, this is Emily and Mark’s story. Mark is the police officer assigned to Stefanie’s case, and it’s up to Emily to make sure that she helps find the killer. And

  5. Lena’s Review

    Emily McAllister just experienced her cousin’s death. She has no idea how it happened but she felt the breath leave her. Now she is determined to find her killer no matter what happens to her. The only thing standing in her way is the arrogant, stubborn yet sexy officer handling the case. She has no idea why Mark Thurgood hates her or the ocean. Yet every time she tries to find her cousin’s killer he is in the way. One minute he thinks she is some psycho and the next he can’t get en

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