5 thoughts on “Dark Day in the Deep Sea (Magic Tree House, #39)

  1. I loved this book! Mary Pope Osborne really catches your imagination. She tells facts and fiction at the same time. You will keep on reading it because it catches your attention like a flytrap. In this book, Jack and Annie go back in time and save a giant octopus. I love the ocean because it is a totally different world, which Jack and Annie get to experience. If you read this book, I bet you will love it, too.

  2. Dark Day in the Deep Sea by Mary Pope Osbourne is the 39th installment in the early reader series. In each book, the protagonists Jack and Annie discover, in their local grove of trees, a magic tree house that whisks them off on an adventure. Generally, they have a book as a guide and an important task to complete. This series is aimed at the K-3rd grade set.

    I love Magic Tree House series! I can always count on its pattern of chapters: discover the tree house and task, begin adventure with confi

  3. I like this book because in the book it states, Jack and Annie of Frog Creek, Pennsylvania, know they have to find one of the four secrets of happiness to help save Merlin the magician. But when the magic tree house whisks then off to a misty island in the middle of nowhere, they wonder how they will find anything. As the fog lifts, they see a huge three-masted ship-could it be a pirate ship? When a small rowboat makes its way to shore, the three men inside don’t look like pirates at all.(pg.1)

  4. I like the book Dark Day in the Deep Sea because I learned a lot of facts and it adventures.”Water covers three-quarter of our earth.Most of the ocean is an enormous plain a little more than two miles deep.But some oceans trenches are more than six miles deep.”#12 Another fact I learn was”The ocean is home to thousands and thousands of sea creatures.Mountains and volcanoes are also hidden deep beneath the surface of the sea.”#12 The Dark Day in the Deep Sea is adventures”Morgan sent as to tell

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